As my last student project at school, my role was to co-lead the project during 5 months. The brief was to bring a support on the field to the civil protection organisations with a drone. First, we started some researches on the different fields of the civil protection to reach the the ones with needs. we decided to choose the mountain field because of their dangerousness level and lack of accessibility for rescuers. During the project, we managed to collaborate with rescuers and drone specialists to create a product responding to real needs and close to a real engineered solution.

Ideation process

During the project, we managed to work with rescuers, having direct feedback on our concepts in order to create something tangible for their needs on the field. We also contacted drone makers with the wish to bring something close to a real engineered solution. We merged two architectures of drones, using the wings and the propellers. The drone is able to fly for recognition using less resources thanks to the wings and it is also able to hover during an intervention thanks to the propellers when the rescuers really need it.

Living in the mountains

Thanks to a complete system, the drone is fully autonomous.  When the battery is low, it gets redirected to one of the closest solar powered pylon to be recharged. This system allows the drone to cover a huge area according to the number of pylons installed on the field. An efficient way to cover and secure the maximum of surface with only one drone.

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