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We designed two binoculars for ZEISS. The mission was to transfer the design of an existing product to two other product sizes of the same product range. It was a short project, working first with Photoshop using an existing technical package, by working close to the 3D modeler team until the final development and product visualization.

Client / 



Design consultancy / 



Creative direction / 

Nils Radau & Julian Schloemer 

Designers / 

Stéphane Pietroiusti & Sven Rimmele

Year / 


Status / 

Available on the market

Existing product family

Here is the existing product family, the project task was to transfer the design of the Terra pocket binocular 8x25 to the Terra x32 and x42. The challenge was to achieve a strong and consistent family character by keeping some contraints like the controls which will not be changed in tooling.

Sketch process

Then we started sketching directly on Photoshop, respecting the proportions with the existing technical package. We refined more and more in details, also by showing the different bi-color schemes of the existing product range.


After validation with the client, We worked closely with the 3D modeler team with the 2D views solving the constraints of thicknesses and some small details of the product.

Product visualization

When the 3D files were finished by the 3D modelers, I did work on the visualization to end up with high quality renderings. I worked with Solidworks to separate elements in order to have an optimised 3D file ready to use in Keyhot. Then, I applied the different textures and surface treatments. After retouching in Photoshop each render, the files were ready for the client in the different needed color schemes.

Terra ED 8x32

Terra ED 8x42

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