Qilive Earphones Q.1979

At Qilive, each exclusive project tells a story through a unique product, smart and always inspired from users. We emphasize the need to come back to the essential. Our products developed in house aim to be simple, affordable & qualitative.


Based on user observations, we solved different problems. We notice that most of the similar products on the market are too rigid or too flexible so we created the most relevant solution taking advantages of both type of structures to improve the ergonomics. The Q.1979 is the first product on market made of a semi flexible fabric neckband. It helps the user to keep the earphone very stable while walking or running. Furthermore it can be easily rolled up and store in a pocket

Improved ergonomics

Take comfort in sound. With its flexible neckband, Q.1979 earphones are designed to fit perfectly and keep working wherever you need them, whether at the gym, commuting to work or for running. The neckband and cables have been designed using a comfortable fabric.

Built to last

The unibody casing has been engineered to be resistant, splash-proof and durable.

Free and easy listening

The ear-caps have been designed to fit very well in people's ears. The 14mm HiFi speakers with its impedance of 32Ohms combines clarity, large frequency range and audio balance. More than 40 prototypes of half in-ear shapes have been made and tested on people's ears to ensure stability and comfort of listening.

Magnetic buds

The earbuds are designed to be attracted together automatically when not in use, hanging like a necklace around your neck, a convenient storage way to carry around when you don't need them.

Flexible fabric neckband

The pre-shaped fabric neckband has been engineered to remain well placed around your neck throughout your daily activities. Easily rollable in your hand, the cables wont get tangled anymore. In addition, we have selected the best fabric inspired from fashion to cover the neckband with style.

Hands free with voice assistants

Easy control with little effort. Qilive neckband earphones let you do things conveniently through voice command even while your smartphone is in your pocket.


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